Vancouver is an important port city on the west coast of Canada. It has several districts spread out between rivers and inlets. The main public transport for the surrounding district is the bus but in the city, trolley buses and the SkyTrain are used. I never used the trolley bus but I used the other modes of transport:

Sky Train

SkyTrain in Vancouver

SkyTrain waiting at a station

This is an amazing driver-less raised-above-street train with three lines crossing the city. The number of carriages per train are small but trains are frequent. The fares are cheap but for the latest info, check the Trans Link website.


I had some mixed results with the bus but generally they were like any bus service. Sometimes late but usually on time. One downer was when I got on the bus where your ticket is valid for 90 minutes and you can transfer to another bus within that time. The bus I was on was stuck in traffic so I had to buy another ticket when I needed to change. I do like the buses themselves, they have a display board and an announcement telling you the next stop. They also have a bike rack on the front with space for 3 bikes and a ramp which allows wheelchair access.

An example of the wheelchair access

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