One of the best connected cities in the world must be London. The city’s development was aided by it’s extensive rail network. It has the oldest underground system (nicknamed the tube) in the world dating back to 1863 which is currently one of (if not THE) most extensive, but also most expensive!
The underground system now has nearly 250 miles of track, nearly twice that of Paris and was mainly created by tunnelling rather that “cut and cover”.

Tube train in London

It’s not just trains, buses run 24 hours a day in London serving it’s 7.5 million inhabitants. There are an extensive network of trains in addition to the several tube lines. However, the payment system Oyster, doesn’t work on all train companies 🙁

London Transport Oyster Card

London Transport Oyster card and wallet

South of the River Thames the land is more difficult to tunnel through so there are less tube lines and more train lines there. Here’s where your Oyster card may not work. This defeats the object having a simple payment system and should be rectified to cover all transport within Greater London county.

The Oyster card works on trains by charging you the most economical ticket for the day of use. On buses there is a flat fare each time you take the bus no matter how far you are travelling.

Bicycles for hire are a recent addition to London’s transport system can be hired for as little as £1. As you can expect (with London) prices to start to add up e.g. for 2 hours, that will set you back £7 not including £3 for a key to unlock the bikes. Full details about London’s cycle charges here.

The best website for information is Transport For London:

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