The best place in the world I have been for city travelling is without doubt, Hong Kong.

Why? Well all there services are frequent so you are never waiting long. But the real deal is…

The Octopus Card!

Octopus card
Hong Kong Octopus card – rear
Octopus card

Hong Kong Octopus card - front

You can use the Octopus card on the underground train (MTR)…

MTR Hong Kong station

MTR train arriving

or overground train (KCR)…

Hong Kong KCR trains

KCR overground train


Hong Kong bus

Hong Kong buses on Nathan Road

the Star ferry…
Hong Kong Star Ferry

Island ferries, trams on Hong Kong Island, even convenience stores like 7-elevens and Circle-Ks and lots of other attractions like the Victoria Peak and train. And it’s cheap!! For example a journey from Yau Ma Tei to Central costs 10.5 HKD (which is the equivalent of 85 pence or US $1.35.

Even if you are visiting Hong Kong as a tourist, it is worth getting yourself an Octopus card. A card can be acquired at the Airport (there is a small redeemable deposit) and can be loaded with credit from any train station. It saves about 15% on regular journey prices but the simple fact of not having to handle currency you are not familiar with means it is practical to get one.


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