Japan was the first country to go for a high speed rail network which is arguably still the best in the world but they’re not resting on their laurels.
The Mag Lev has been tested for a while now and is the future of rail travel (without the rails of course).

I hope that the powerhouse nations look at installing this system rather than wasting time on traditional trains but I suspect the cheaper option will always get the green light.

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Exciting news for Britain is the prospect of some faster trains. The Hitachi made trains will go faster and use both Diesel and Electricity. The 125s have been around for as long as I care to remember so these shiny new trains will be a welcome site. Of course the problem the UK has is old lines which means many of the faster new trains can’t run as fast as they are designed to.

BBC News – What are the UK’s new trains like?

Hitachi Class 800

Hitachi Class 800


Well it has been 50 years since Dr. Beeching’s report which lead to the closing of several branch lines all over Britain. Some stations closed on existing lines could be re-opened but the lines will never be recovered because they have since been turned into roads or housing. I’ve thought to myself, what if instead of cutting services, they had improved them by electrification. Most of Europe is electrified now and has efficient trains crossing international boundaries where as Britain (excluding money pot London) is only just starting to electrify more than just the main routes. Here are Network Rail’s current electrification plans.