Leeds city station new entrance

What the Leeds Station southern entrance will look like

Leeds mainline station is getting an upgrade this year, a new south entrance. It will help the flow of passengers to the stations which is one of the busiest in the country outside of London. They anticipate that 20% of passengers will make use of this entrance.

See the progress here

Also due for completion later this year, the Leeds-Shipley line is getting two new stations. In reality, they are old stations from the Beeching report closures getting re-instated. For years it puzzled me why a train could go from Leeds to Shipley without stopping anywhere. A total waste of a train line which once down the Aire valley stops regularly at the outlying towns of Saltaire, Bingley, Keighley and Skipton.

The two stations will be at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge and include improvements to the surrounding roads. Details of the two new stations can be found in this document.

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Exciting news for Britain is the prospect of some faster trains. The Hitachi made trains will go faster and use both Diesel and Electricity. The 125s have been around for as long as I care to remember so these shiny new trains will be a welcome site. Of course the problem the UK has is old lines which means many of the faster new trains can’t run as fast as they are designed to.

BBC News – What are the UK’s new trains like?

Hitachi Class 800

Hitachi Class 800


Trolley Bus graphicApproval for a new Trolley bus route has been given the go ahead in Leeds. This exciting prospect has been given Government approval and is intended to be completed in 2018. The route will run north to south and incorporate two park and ride car parks.

Leeds has had 2 proposals for Tram systems declined because of costs so this is a cheaper solution to the problem of improving public transport in the city. The addition of the park and ride car parks is needed as Leeds has only one I can think of at present. For a city recently classed as the 3rd largest (in population) in the UK, this is very poor.

The route is planned to have 60% dedicated lanes and the rest shared with other road users.

Further reading
The scheme has it’s own dedicated website at New Generation Transport, that’s the scheme’s catchy name.

The plan has been on the drawing board since 2009 as this article on WY Metro’s site describes.

Kirkstall Forge and Apperley Bridge are to get new stations. The process is a lengthy one, no work starting for 18 months after this proposal reported on WYMetro’s web site. This has been long overdue in my opinion. The first time I rode this train I couldn’t believe it didn’t stop anywhere in Leeds or Bradford until it reached Shipley, the next stop out of Leeds. That’s ten miles of built up areas with no stopping. Well, we have until late 2014 to look forward to a better service. Watch this space!

Rio is getting a new Metro, hopefully in time for the football World Cup 2014. The plans look impressive but hopefully it will be built in time and on budget. I’ve heard news that it is not going to be ready in time as is often the case, so let’s see what happens!

More discussion on the transport infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup is found at the wiki page.