I saw this brilliant idea by Sir Norman Foster recently, a man who knows a thing or two about architecture.
The idea is simply to use the space in the city vertically by putting cycle lanes above existing railway lines. With the recent spate of cyclists being killed on London’s overcrowded roads, this to me is the way forward. When I was growing up, this is how cities of the future looked like!

Sir Norman Foster Sky Cycle proposal

Proposed SkyCycle lanes

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Me and a friend went for a bike ride today. We went from North Leeds to Harrogate via Pool, Huby, Burn Bridge and Pannal. In Harrogate we got the train back. I made a few observations:


  • Northern Rail do a deal these days, two Adults get a discount return rail ticket which works out cheaper than two single tickets (£9).
  • Train had space for 4 bikes.



  • A path alongside the A658 Harrogate Road made a nice cycle lane. Unfortunately it lasted up to a bus stop and then became a dirt track/quagmire.
  • Train was 3 minutes late (I know that is good for the UK).
  • The trains are every 2 hours! (Sunday) We were lucky that we got to the station with only 6 minutes to wait.