So we are finally leaping into the future with Google’s automatic driver-less car. I’ve blogged about the potential of driver-less vehicles before, but this one is different. It has no steering wheel or pedals and more sensors. Imagine a day with no more news stories about fatal car crashes, never being annoyed at poor drivers, getting on with your life while commuting & having your car come and pick you up from the pub. The future is here!!

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Logo of City Car ClubSince I have been reading up on this today, I might as well discuss it.

I found this while looking at my council’s website for travel info – Leeds Travel Info which shows locations of cars available for use with City Car Club.

The spiel on the site states that for people who use a car less than 6000 miles a year, it is a more economical service. I assumed that there might be a garage where cars are kept but no, they are parked in designated bays on the street. In fact I passed one on the way back from the shops recently!

Is it cheaper?

So, is it what they say, cheaper that owning your own car? Well there are plenty of tools to work it out. I put a regular journey I make in the online calculator and it came out at £17 (this is for a 4 mile return journey which I would use the car for 3 hours). Hmm. Now I don’t own a brand new car – an old Megane 1.6 Coupe in fact, but I have calculated the running cost of my car is £40 a week. This includes insurance, tax and some pretty expensive servicing lately, not to mention the price of petrol.

The daily cost of a basic car is £42 so already, hiring a car club car is more expensive that using my car for a whole week 🙁

The other startling fact is that the insurance comes with an excess of £500! Unless you pay £5/month to reduce it. So don’t have a crash! Other costs include a £50/year membership fee.

Still I think the concept is great so I might give it a try one day.

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And how about a car that drives itself to solve traffic chaos of the future?

Bill Ford (from the Ford car company) talks about transport ideas already implemented around the world. This is a great talk and an inspiration for this web site.