Me and a friend went for a bike ride today. We went from North Leeds to Harrogate via Pool, Huby, Burn Bridge and Pannal. In Harrogate we got the train back. I made a few observations:


  • Northern Rail do a deal these days, two Adults get a discount return rail ticket which works out cheaper than two single tickets (£9).
  • Train had space for 4 bikes.



  • A path alongside the A658 Harrogate Road made a nice cycle lane. Unfortunately it lasted up to a bus stop and then became a dirt track/quagmire.
  • Train was 3 minutes late (I know that is good for the UK).
  • The trains are every 2 hours! (Sunday) We were lucky that we got to the station with only 6 minutes to wait.
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I went for a ride on the bus today. The fares have gone up to £3.80 (it was £3.40 last year) for a day rider. This ticket gets a ride on any FirstBus. However, last time I used the buses I got on a Centre Line bus which cost 70p extra!

Still today I have had 4 bus rides so far and intend to make another two! Got to get value for my money!!

Note: I use for journey planning and timetables, and has maps with bus stops showing live bus departure times. Example embedded below: