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As part of my interest in improving transport and mobility I have been volunteering for the charity SusTrans. An organisation helping to develop a national network of cylce / footpaths which criss-cross the UK.

A proposed route in my area would connect 2 existing routes, 66 and 697 through Garforth, a suburb of Leeds.

Edit: After discussions with the council, the purple route is not viable as it passes along a private road.
The existing advisory route is in yellow which now passes along 20 mph limited roads. Another suggestion is the green route which is via residential streets.

Here is a map of what me and my fellow volunteers are suggesting as a link route:

It seems it is just a matter of time before a major accident happens near you these days. 4 young adults were killed in this accident last weekend between a taxi and a car full of teenagers and every time it makes me think, would that have happened in a self drive car?

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Leeds city centre hosted the start of the Tour de France in 2014. For years cyclists have had to share the roads with ever increasing road vehicles. But now, dedicated cycle lanes are being added through the city, combined with schemes to create a direct cycle route with neighbouring city Bradford.

The city centre scheme is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

More details about the Leeds cycle lane improvements

Proposed cycle lanes Leeds, England

Leeds and Bradford are getting 3 new train stations at Apperley Lane, Kirkstall Forge and Low Moor.

When I say new, in some cases they are the sites of old stations. I found an old map from the 1950’s which shows the old stations dotted around the city, all of which would be really handy today. Shame they got rid of them.

Map showing the old Otley Station. This has been replaced by Otley by-pass. The old route can be seen on satellite maps.

Map showing the old Otley Station. This has been replaced by Otley by-pass. The old route can be seen on satellite maps.

Old station at Laisterdyke


Map showing Leeds city centre and old Holbeck stations.

Japan was the first country to go for a high speed rail network which is arguably still the best in the world but they’re not resting on their laurels.
The Mag Lev has been tested for a while now and is the future of rail travel (without the rails of course).

I hope that the powerhouse nations look at installing this system rather than wasting time on traditional trains but I suspect the cheaper option will always get the green light.

Further reading:

Toyko station under construction

Science Alert article

Big cities, including my own, are realising the importance of encouraging cycling. Moscow is in the news today as it tries to get more people on bikes. The benefits are obvious:

  • More bikes, less cars
  • Traffic flows better with less vehicles
  • People get fitter and healthier
  • The culture changes in favour of cycling
  • More people cycle as a result of the culture change

What is interesting in the article is the big differences in cycle friendly cities to those not quite there yet. See the link for the full article:

Original Guardian article